Subject: Preparing to Take First Year Greek
Date: April 18, 2001

Greetings from!
Updates to have been pretty slow during this school year. I hope to take some time during the summer to post more information. For the information of those of you new to the mailing list, I usually only send out updates via email every few months or when a new article is posted that I feel would be worthwhile for you to know about.

            In case some of you are preparing to take a first year Greek class this year, I wanted to let you know about an update that was just posted on the web site. In preparing to teach beginning Greek this coming school year, I have had a number of students-to-be ask what they can do over the summer to better prepare for taking Greek. I decided to write an answer that was generic enough to share with everyone. It is posted in the document: [or go to ‘Questions/Answers’, then to ‘Responses to Questions’]. Please feel free to read this or pass it on to others whom you know.

I am always looking for suggestions on how to make a more user-friendly site or to spend time working on areas that readers are especially interested in. As I mention on the web site, I am often not able to answer emails as I would like, but please feel free to give me input and feedback on the information you find on the site and make other suggestions for improvements (and/or corrections).

Thank you for you interest in and in your desire to know God via His living and abiding Word. The Lord bless you as you pursue Him as the Truth.

In His Grace,


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