Subject: List of All Terms on and English Translations
Date: January 5, 2001

I apologize upfront for sending an email update to you so soon after sending a previous update (in December). My intention is to only send out updates once or twice per year, or when other major updates occur. However, I thought you might be interested in a great new feature that I added to the site last week: A List of All Terms defined on the site. This should help make the process of finding information on the site much easier for those who are using the site as reference material.
You will find this list by going to the section on Learning Greek from the main page. I have placed it as the first thing on the left-hand ‘index’ frame for Learning Greek.

            I have also posted a page that talks about the various translation of the New Testament and which ones are the 'best' (or 'most appropriate'). I also talk here about the difference between 'Greek Meaning' and 'English Translation'.

            Please feel free to give me input regarding what you find helpful and easy to use and suggestions on how to make the information easier to get at. Thanks.

            The Lord bless you. Learning the original languages of the Bible is well worth all effort you put into it! In Him,


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