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Learning NT Greek on the Internet:

I have seen different places on the Internet that appear to offer on-line courses in New Testament Greek (even for college credit if one desires). I cannot wholeheartedly recommend or validate these sites since I don’t have any first hand experience with them, but if you are interested check at the following links:
(If you have had experience with any of these classes (either positive or negative), I would love to hear from you regarding it.

1) Here is a website that has a great list of online Greek courses that you can take:

I suggest you check the link above first, but here are some other options not listed there (when I last checked):

2) Greek Tools for Bible Study , offered by (working through "Greek for the Rest of Us" by Bill Mounce. Click on the link here and then choose "Foundations")

3) An Online Beginning Greek Course, offered by Quartz Hill School of Theology

4) A free course (or for a fee to get more feedback) at (no relation to

5) You may also find some further courses advertised on

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