A List of All Terms on the NTGreek.org Site

These Terms are in Alphabetical Order

Accusative Case Grammatical Number Perfect Tense
Active Voice Grammatical Person Periphrastic Verb
Adjective Imperative Mood Phrase
Adverb Imperfect Tense Pluperfect Tense
Adverbial Participle Indefinite Article Predicate
Aktionsart Indicative Mood Predicate Adjective
Anarthrous Indirect Object Preposition
Aorist Tense Infinitive Prepositional Phrase
Apodosis Inflection Present Tense
Articular Interjection Pronoun
Attributive Adjective Intransitive verb Protasis
Case (Noun Cases) Kind of Verbal Action Relative Clause
Circumstantial Participle Linking Verb Sentence
Clause Middle Voice Subject
Conditional Sentence Mood of Verbs Subjunctive Mood
Conjunction Morphology Subordinate Clause
Copulative Verb Nominative Case Substantive
Dative Case Non-finite Verb Substantival Adjective
Declension Noun Tense of Verbs
Definite Article Optative Mood Transitive Verb
Direct Object Paradigm Verb
Finite Verb Parsing a Verb Verbal Mood
Future Tense Participle Verbal Tense
Future Perfect Tense Particle Verbal Voice
Genitive Case Passive Voice Vocative Case
Grammatical Gender Past-Perfect Tense Voice of Verbs

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