Learning New Testament Greek (Index)

Content Last updated: May 2010
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I. Introductory Items and English Grammar
1. Introduction
2. Inflection in the Greek Language
3. Essential Grammatical Terms (These are definitions that you need to know!)
4. Translating Greek - English Translations

II. Greek Grammar - Shorter Explanations
1. Verbs
2. Nouns
3. Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, etc.
4. Other Miscellaneous Terms

III. More detailed Explanation of Greek Grammar
1. Participles
2. Conditional Sentences
3. Advanced Explanation of Greek Tenses - Kind of Action & Time of Action.
4. Syntactical Classifications of Nouns, Verbs, and Participles
5. Advanced Discussion of the Subjunctive Mood - Used in Context
6. Advanced use of Greek Adjectives.
7. Emphasis shown by Greek word order

IV.  A list of all documents on this site. (If you want to print them out, etc.)

V. Search for any topics discussed on NT Greek web site.

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