Instructions for using this web site.

Please note that you should download the Mounce's "TekniaGreek" font in order to view examples that are shown in Greek. (Click link to get to Mounce's main page, then navigate to his free font download.) (I am in the midst of updating this site from his older font, called "Mounce". You can get that font from the same page where you download the TekniaGreek font.)

The Index (Table of Contents) page, on the left hand side of the screen, is the window (actually called 'frame') that controls the main window (above). If you want to systematically work your way through these pages, then follow down through each item on the Index page.
When you click on a definition in the main window (above), this bottom window will show you that definition, leaving your main window at the overall topic (from the Index) that you are studying.
Use the scroll bars on the right hand side of each window to get down to more information. In order to fit your style and screen size, you can resize the windows by clicking and dragging their borders.