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List of all Reference Sheets on (PDF format)

     Here is a list of the PDF documents on this site that can be printed out as handy "references" to be used when working with a Greek passage. These sheets represent various summaries of verbal classifications, case uses, and syntactical formations. They are NOT meant to teach someone the basics of these topics, but are meant to be reference sheets that can be printed off and consulted.
     Please note that you need to have the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read these PDF formatted documents. You can download it free if you don't already have it (click link to get font).

     Classification of Adverbial Participles (Version 2.8, Updated October 2004)

     Conditional Sentences (Version 2.5, Updated October 2004)

     Uses of the Infinitive (Version 2.1, Updated October 2003)

     Most Common Uses of the Genitive Case (Version 2.1, Updated September 2004)

     Greek Word Order indicating emphasis (Version 1.0, Posed September 2004)

     Uses of the Subjunctive Mood (Alpha Version, Posted September 2004)
                      Please forgive the unfinished nature of this document.
                      It is posted here mainly as an outline for the benefit of my Greek students.

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