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History of New Items on

September 2004: Short Outline of the Emphasis Shown by Greek Word Order
       Greek uses word order to show emphasis. Much of this subtle (or not so subtle) nuance and meaning is often neglected or impossible to carry over into English translations of the Bible. This is one area of interest that I have in Greek and yet it is an area that is largely unexplored or poorly represented. Although I have still not done much work in this area, I have posted an initial page with some basic word order information; I hope to write more on this topic at a later date.

April 2004: List of Seminary Papers
       I put a link on the front page to a list of many of the papers I did while in Seminary. Some of them are very much related to Greek exegesis, while others may be of general interest in other areas. Please feel free to look at them. If there are some listed that are not yet downloadable in PDF format, please email me and let me know that you would like me to make it available.

October 2002: List of Quick Reference Sheets
I have started to put more "Quick Reference Sheets" on the website. These are PDF documents that summarize the uses (and syntactical classification) of various items of Greek, such as participles, infinitives, conditional sentences, and the genitive case. These documents are NOT meant to teach someone the basics of these various topics, but are meant to be reference sheets that can be printed off and consulted.

April 2001: Preparing for First Year Greek Class (‘How to Prepare to Learn to Biblical Greek?’)
I have been asked a number of times what to do in order to prepare for taking a first year Greek class. Here are my suggestions. Preparing to Take First Year Greek (More Details in Corresponding Email)

January 2001: List of All Terms on and English Translations
          This list of all the terms defined on the site should help make the process of finding information on the site much easier for those who are using the site as reference material. List of All Terms . Also posted was a document that talks about the various English Translations of the Greek New Testament and the process of translation. (More Details in Corresponding Email)

December 2000: Participles, Conditional Sentences, and General Updates
I have added a section on Greek Participles and a section on Greek Conditional Sentences. Both of these areas include an Adobe Acrobat based PDF file that acts as a great summary and handy reference tool for Greek analysis in these areas.
          I have also made various corrections, additions, and updates to many pages especially to the information contained in the ‘Introduction’ and the ‘Recommended Books’ section. (More Details in Corresponding Email)


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